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API 526 Bellow Balanced iindian sex, A216 WCB, 2X4 Inch, CL600-150

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API 526 Bellow Balanced iindian sex Factory: Balanced Bellows iindian sexs, API 526, ASTM A216 WCB, 2 X 4 Inch, Inlet Class 600 Outlet Class 150 LB.
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The allowable tolerance of the seat pressure: ≤±3% of the set pressure
Overpressure: ≤10% of the set pressure ( gas ) or ≤20% of the set pressure ( liquid )
Blowdown: ≤10% of the set pressure ( gas ) or ≤20% of the set pressure ( liquid )
Leakage: The valve has good seat tightness and the leakage rate conforms to API527.
Bonnet: The bonnet of the safety valve is open, allowing the spring chamber to communicate with the atmosphere, which is beneficial to reduce the temperature of the spring, and is mainly suitable for containers of high temperature gas in which the medium is steam and does not pollute the atmosphere.
Lever: The safety valve can be opened manually by the lever when the media pressure over 75% of the setting pressure (On the premise of ensuring safety).

Design: ASME, API 526, API 520, ASME B 16.5
Material: ASTM A216 WCB
Flange Pressure Grade: Inlet Class 600 LB & Outlet Class 150 LB
Sizes Range: Inlet 2 Inch & Outlet 4 Inch
Inlet Temperature Range: -29 ℃ ~ + 427 ℃
Test and Inspection: API 527